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New! Doll Stand # Acrylic base With Camera Tripod Hole

Size: 15cm Ø Diameter Round x 18mm Thick Acrylic Base

New 3 Holes Design

More Convenient For All Camera Tripods and CoolCat Doll Stands With All Sizes

   ※Please screw the tripod tightly with base and make sure to steadily place on even surfaces to avoid doll's falling and any break caused.
Please be mindful of the surroundings, e.g. avoid strong outdoor wind, while using the product.
The size of upside screw holes can be used on coolcat doll stands series with all sizes.
The size of underside screw hole is for international tripod use.
Please tear off the cover paper under doll stand base before use.

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New Arrival! Taeyang Knee Socks & Stockings 

 Color: White & Black

(Wear Reference)

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New Color!  Middie Blythe Doll Pantyhose x 3 Colors

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Restock! Dollfie Dream Sexy Furry Bunny Costume

Color # White + Pink
Share Size
Fit:L/Dy Body 
Bust:Normal、Shapely Chest

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