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New Arrival ! 【DDs/DD3/Dy3】Replacement Parts Of The Shoulder Joint 

Release NOW!! ^ ^

Made In Taiwan

* Suitable DDS/DD3/Dy3

2pcs for a set


(Color Reference)

The replacement parts of the shoulder joint adopt a tough ABS material to reduce the likelihood of fracturing during the disassembling of the product from the original manufacturer.

The mortise hole of our product is the same size as it of original manufacturer.

But because the tenon model or size of the doll arm may change because of different batch of manufacturing, it may be a little bit tight or loose to joint mortise and tenon.

If it’s too tight, please lubricate it with suitable oil, or trim the tenon tongue of the doll arm. Fitting and trimming may be required and repeated several times until a perfect fit and smooth moving is achieved.


※ With the mortise and tenon joint, the tightness of two arms may be different. It’s normal.

※ This item is an inside part of a doll. Presently we only sell skin color. It’s suitable for white skin/ semi-white dolls.

※ This item has been tested for many times with various dolls before release. It’s highly applicable to different dolls.

※ This item is a replacement part. Please understand the risk to cause the original doll parts broken if you do not properly use or joint them. We do not take responsibility of the damage and loss.

◎ The size and details have been modified, and thus they differ from those of the original manufacturer. Please acknowledge this fact prior to the purchase. Thank you.

◎ Please be aware that a small degree of variance in color may exist in each production. Please acknowledge this fact prior to the purchase.

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Our Other Shoulder Joint Parts: DD Fortified Aluminium Alloy Sheath

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