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Blythe / Pullip Custom Flat Chips - Glass  

(( Use Reference ))

The instruction below will help people who try to custom the chips for their dolls.

You can adjust the steps based on your personally habits.

Design you like the iris

Recommended to use high gloss inkjet waterproof photo paper

and High level inkjet printer ( ex. laser inkjet printer )

first cut the iris or stick the chips then cut

The different type glue different results

Left side use oily glue ( printing color will be dark )
 Right side use water-based glue

Stick the chips with paper when the glue rendered semi state

pressed of chips and paper until the glue dry

(Beware of small bubbles problem)

Check the chip's edges for residual material.

the chip may not be properly or evenly installed because the residual glue or paper.

update : 2012-08-23

【BI-G】Custom Flat Glass Chips.Transparent 

【BI-G】Custom Flat Glass Chips.Transparent

【PI-G】Pullip Custom Flat Glass Chips.Transparent    


 【PI-G】Pullip Custom Flat Glass Chips.Transparent


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