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Blythiful magazine Issue 02 JulyAugust 2012


This is the comeback of Blythiful Magazine!!!

After a more than 3 year pause, it's back, better and bigger, like promised!
A5 (half letter 148 x210mm) in size, 52 pages of FUN in interviews (MELACACIA and Eliza Rickman!!), tutorials, a sewing class by Momolita!!!! and SO much more, all done by the doll community people!
A labor of LOVE since day ONE!

And the big human magazine comes with an extra!! A coloring book for your dolls by Blythemaniaco!! (read more below)

I can send up to 2 of these magazines for the same postage, so pair up to order yours and save some bucks!

Blythiful magazine was first published back in 2008 and intended to be readable by humans, as well as dolls. First released in a small hand size to be posed with the dolls, it's now been released in a full human size BUT the dolls haven't been forgotten and it comes with a doll sized attachment, this time, a COLORING BOOK, done by the super amazingly talented ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ aka Blythemaniaco (from Spain). I can't imagine how many hours of fun your little fashionista will have, coloring it up!
It's a magazine featuring FULL content: articles, clay tutorial, clothes pattern, reader's articles, etc.

If you want to be a part of this magazine's future articles, please email us at: getseen blythiful.com with your ideas! =)

OH! And we have PRIZES for you to win with this issue, so go buy it NOW and get Coolcat stuff and Mimiwoo glasses, join in on the contest to win a Dr. Frankendesign double-headed torso!!


www.blythiful.com (website)
www.blythiful.etsy.com (shop)

update : 2012-09-20

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