★ e-Paper No.56

 Date : 2013-04-18

 Dollfie Dream Close-Fitting Clothing  

Share Size: DDS S/M/L Bust

DD2 & DD3   S/M/L/DY Bust

DD-M Bust (White Skin Body)

DD-Dy Body (Normal Skin Body)

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48.【DDPN-41N】Close-Fitting Clothing(W5) # Thin White (Flat Base)
55.【DDPN-44】Close-Fitting Clothing(W3)# Smooth White
02.【DDPN-46】Close-Fitting Clothing(W4)# Thin White
08.【DDPN-47】Close-Fitting Clothing(W6)# Thin Off White Net
37.【DDPN-45】Close-Fitting Clothing(S4)# Smooth Thin Skin

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